United Methodist Women

The UMW welcomes all the ladies of the church to deepen their faith through study, mission and fellowship. The UMW meets at various times of the year. Circles,which are smaller groups of the UMW, meet regularly. Each circle has a different focus and does a variety of activities.

Women’s Spirituality Group

The ladies gather on the third Tuesday of the month for a time of study and fellowship. Often they will explore a book together. At other times they may have a guest speaker. Always they are sharing their faith journey with one another offering support to one another.

Men’s Group

The men gather Thursday evenings at 7pm via Zoom and in-person for a time of discussion and fellowship. They have shared a movie night, watched the Eagles, held a pancake supper and done some projects around the church. All men are invited.

Discussion Group

Our discussion group meets Wednesday evening at 7pm via Zoom. our group is made up of folks from Epworth and Asbury UMCs with Pastor Charlie and Pastor John Doll co-leading. We study a variety of scriptures and topics. You will find it is a time of learning with great fellowship.

Day Apart

This group gets together on Tuesdays at 10:30am in the Gathering Place for some fellowship. At 11:00 Pastor Charlie will share a time of discussion.  While often it may be centered on a Bible study, other times it may be about a current topic or even celebrating a season. At noon, we will share a brown bag lunch that you bring with you. All are welcome to come and share this time together.

Youth Group

Our youth usually meet Sunday afternoon. All Youth are welcome to take part. During their time together you find them involved in a Bible study, eating, playing and serving in mission. We ceate a safe environment where the youth can be themselves, be open to what they are dealing with as young people and how their faith can guide them.

Adult Sunday School

Our adult Sunday School classes meet prior to worship. The two classes are bible based study groups.  Our Cokesbury Group meets at 8:45 via Zoom. They use a seasonal curriculum. Our Verse By Verse Group meets at 9am in the Gathering Place. They are studying Galations.

Mah Jong

MAH JONG group gets together on Mondays at 12:30pm in the Gathering Place.   (This is not your video solitaire version). A fun game played through the centuries it offers a time of fellowship. All are welcome you will be helped to learn the game if it is new to you.

Pinochle Club

Our Pinochle Club gets together the second Saturday of the month at 1pm in the Gathering Place. A great time of fun and fellowship. Whether a card shark or just wanting to learn to play all are welcome.

Other Groups

We have numerous other groups that are part of our ministry. some of These include:

            color me calm
            Last Sunday Brown Bag Lunch
       Due to our present health crisis these groups have been suspended. We look forward to their restart soon.