We gather in worship on Sunday mornings at 10am to offer praise to God in the name of Jesus Christ. It involves many who give their time and talent in different ways to lead us in worship. We gather for in person worship but our service is shared on line Sunday morning at 10am. Our service available through Facebook and Youtube

Vocal Choir and Ensembles

We have a variety of vocal groups including a traditional choir, praise team,and other ensembles and soloists. Rehearsals are held at different times depending on group. Anyone who wishes to make a joyful noise is invited to sing their praise to God!

Handbell Choir

Epworth is blessed with its excellent bell choir. This group has expanded over the years and continues to amaze with their various ringing styles. You may hear a quartet, duets, soloists and an occasional bell tree.

The handbells have been invited to share their gift of music with several community groups

Currently the bell choir rehearses on Thursday evenings. Please contact Diane Soper if you are inrested in learning to ring.

Worship Liturgists and Readers

Each Sunday we ask individuals to help lead the service by sharing a unison opening prayer, reading a scripture or helping in some other way as we worship God. Please let Pastor Charlie know if you would like to participate and help.

Worship Tech

Behind the scenes at worship we have people who help with production and support. Using a simple program we project much of the service on screens for the congregation and those watching online. If you can use a mouse you are qualified to help out! Our live stream uses a simple iPad based app to send our worship to those at home. If you play games on a phone or tablet you can help us out.

Please contact Pastor Charlie if you would like to learn more and help out.